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Equity &


Founded and established for and by post incarcerated and marginalized Black people in Chicago, Equity And Transformation strives to uplift the faces, voices, and power of the vast disenfranchised and excluded Black workforce in Chicago. We organize with individuals that operate outside of the formal economy. They are childcare providers, the bucket boys that we pass on the way to the train everyday, the bootleg DVD man or woman at your local barber shop, the person selling loose cigarettes two for a dollar in front of the local liquor store, the trans and cis gendered commercial sex workers in our community—they are survivors. They are hip hop, they are jazz, they are artists, they are musicians, they are the hustlers that are the heart beat of every inner city community in the U.S. As the original gig-workers, they work without  the legal protections of formal employment. Their survival on the margins holds critical lessons for transforming the economy to one that is inclusive, just, and equitable.



Our research program was developed to drive our policy development, advocacy and community organizing campaigns. The focus of our research is to:

(a) Approximate the scale and scope of the informal economy in Chicago.

(b) Distinguish the correlation between gun violence and unemployment.  


Policy Development

The policies we develop, endorse or support fit the following criteria:

(a) Transform public perception and or reduce stigma for individuals engaged in the informal economy.

(b) Decriminalize participation in the informal economy.

(c) Remove barriers to employment for those seeking careers in the formal economy..



Community Organizing

Our community organizing campaign is BLAC (Bridging Labor Access to Community).

BLAC is a non exploitive exchange, where EAT organizers join community opposed to having community members join our organization.

We believe this strategy will change the exploitative history between non profit organizations and the community, as we consider the community members the experts and the EAT organizers the students. Through our BLAC organizing strategy, we work within the community to support and sustain transformational leaders



Our advocacy is the merging of our research, policy development  and community organizing efforts.

The goal of our advocacy is to amplify the voices of the informal economy, impact public policy at the local, state and national levels, change the narrative and stigma attached to individuals engaged in the informal economy and build Black equity in the US. 


The Corner Podcast

The Corner uses film as an intervention that transforms the narrative of surrounding Chicago’s informal economy from criminality to survivability. Through The Corner, informal workers address barriers to economic justice and define their vision of safety and equity for Chicago. 

What We Do 

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